Surrendering Your Dog

We hope that you have explored every other possible option before asking us to help you with the surrender of your dog. Surrendering your dog should only be considered as a last resort, since it is very difficult on dogs (and their families) to be rehomed.

Other options might include:
additional training
doggy day care
dog walker
crate training
providing more consistent exercise
change in diet
ruling out medical issues with your vet

If you absolutely must surrender your dog after you have exhausted every other option, we can try to help you rehome the dog.  If the dog has aggression issues, we may offer to crosspost your dog on our website, but will not be able to accept the dog as a surrender. When crossposting as a courtesy, MHLRM is not involved with any of the actual rehoming process.

If you have made the decision to surrender your dog, the next step is to complete the Surrender Request Form.  You MUST ALSO email copies of current vet records and photos of your dog to - the subject of your email must read: Surrender Request - Dog's Name.  

Once we have received and reviewed all the information, one of our volunteers will contact you. All of our dogs are in foster care, so the wait time for an open foster spot is unpredictable. We can not guarantee any timeframe with regards to when an appropriate foster spot will be available if we do choose to take your dog into our rescue.

Please note: Before we accept a dog into our group, the dog may need to be evaluated by one of our volunteers.  We do not accept any dogs with aggression issues toward people or other dogs, or any with a biting history. 

Please keep this in mind. If your dog is accepted into our group, they must up-to-date on the following vetting: 

current heartworm test 
a fecal may also be required 

A donation to MHLRM is not required prior to accepting an owner surrender, but it is encouraged. MHLRM will incur associated costs, and would appreciate a monetary donation to help offset those costs. A $100 donation is suggested, but is not mandatory.