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2011 March

Belvue - adopted 3/29/2011
Belle was pulled from the Sherman, TX shelter because she was slated to die.  They thought she was getting sick from an virus when in turn she has untreated heart worms!  We were blessed with a great foster who took her in and got her treated and she is now heart worm free!  Thank you Beth for helping Belle!

Crestone - adopted 3/19/2011
This guy was from a litter of 10 puppies dropped off at the pound by the owner. He stated they were 7 wks old. He said their Mom was a Lab but she got out so he had no idea what Dad was. After rescue 6 out of 10 came down w/Parvo. After aggressive treatment 2 of the 6 survived leaving only 6 puppies. They have been exposed to cats and other dogs. They have played in a pond and have been eating Diamond puppy food out of a self feeder. They have been on long walks in the country (as a pack- no leashes) and have seen goats. They have been kept as a group in a large yard. They have not had exposure to strange people or the house. They have had nails clipped, ears cleaned, bath. No experience with leashes. T  We have been given the clearance and between our volunteer in Victoria, TX, and two pilots in TX - they will be here soon - and are they ready!  What cuties they are!

Thank you for Lov In Touch Pet Chalet for watching these babies for us!

Zoe - adopted 3/19/2011
Zoe is a TRUE rescue.  She has been kept in an outside pen in Nebraska her entire life on a chain.  Zoe apparently found her way to the hell hole she was in after being dumped by somebody in a rural area on someone's property.  That someone decided to keep her BUT kept her outside on a chain, and didn't treat her the same as the other dogs in the family.  In addition to getting no love, Zoe also never was spayed and has apparently been pregnant once before and only had one pup.  We actually couldn't even get the truth or any info as to what happened to that one pup from the people who had her.  The person who finally gave her up to one of our volunteers in Nebraska didn't even know she was pregnant this time!!!  Luckily she has had her puppies now and is now focusing on her own health.  We are SO thankful that Zoe is out of the cold and she is now just learning what it is like to be loved.  She is coming to us from Grand Island, Nebraska. 

Xana - adopted 3/19/2011
Xana was found by a crew member at a natural gas well.  She was emaciated, worm ridden, scared and just plain pitiful.  It took the guy a couple of days to get her to come to him.  He and his girlfriend knew a few volunteers near where she was that worked in rescue.  They brought her to those volunteers as she would have been immediately euthanized if taken to the pound.  It has taken the past few months to get her better.  She has a good weight to her, is playful, found out she loves people who love her back and is in great health now.  Xana is coming to us from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Thank you to Camp Bow Wow of Ft. Collins for fostering Xana!

Burton - adopted 3/12/2011
Burton was dumped as a puppy with ZERO info an probably the WORST case of Demodex mange we have EVER seen.  His supposed family "didn't know what to do" to help his skin issue!  Can't even figure out how somebody didn't notice that it was THAT BAD!!!  Because of his obvious condition, nobody was even interested in adopting him and he was slated for death.  Thank you to one of our great volunteers in the Houston, TX area, she got over to the "shelter" that day and pulled this little guy.  He was treated for his condition and  stayed with his foster family (personal vet tech) unit he came to Colorado!

Burton got adopted prior to one of our volunteers getting a new photo of him so we are waiting on one from his new family!

Toto/Zoe - adopted 3/11/2011

Toto/Zoe was adopted through MHLRM back in October 2010.  Unfortunately her family found the demands of two young children and a young dog to be too much of a challenge.  We have had Toto/Zoe assessed with temperament and have been assured with the proper puppy training she would be a great candidate for any family.  She has already been fixed, loves children, and is potty and crate trained.  She just needs a family ready to deal with the typical lab puppy that she is - not to mention - oh so darn cute!

Berkley - adopted 3/5/2011
Berkley was dumped as a puppy at a shelter in Harrodburg, KY after somebody realized that his front let was useless and deformed probably from birth.  The great volunteers found him funding for surgery and took care of him post-op and he moved to Colorado!