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2011 July Adoptions

Louisville - adopted 7/24/2011
 Louisville is a fun and typical retriever little lady that came to us from Angleton, Texas. 

Gunbarrel - adopted 7/21/2011


Bloom - 7/15/2011
Bloom really wasn't socialized very much in her previous life and we think her issue with other dogs is a bit of insecurity and/or intolerance of other crazy dogs that just don't know she needs her space.  Bloom was with one other lady her entire life and the reasons why this woman surrendered Bloom isn't known.  She spent a long time waiting to come to Colorado and was fostered by Mike & Mary in Texas before she made it to Colorado from Little Elm Texas.  Bloom now lives in Canyon City, Colorado! 

Buddy - adopted 7/14/2011

Lovey - adopted 7/13/2011
Lovey was found on a busy country road and was trying to run up to cars when the cars slowed down.  Apparently dumped and looking for an owner that left her.  She has been raveling the countryside for a while when she was found on the road - full of ticks, skinny, and needs a good bath.  Lovey found her new family in Kansas and is loving life! 

Durango - adopted 7/11/2011
 Durango came to us from Brazoria County, TX.  He was picked up as a stray.  He was adopted by his foster family and overcame a heartworm infection.  His new name is Zeke and he is loving life in Boulder County! 

Dumont - adopted 7/10/2011
 Came to us from Wills Point, TX.  He wondered up to a home in the country. The homeowner was not very nice. He was threatening to shoot him. He didn't want him to stay or for his wife to feed him. His wife was sneaking him crackers...3 crackers in a week. When our volunteer in Texas met him he was VERY sweet and calm.  He was very gentle and very loving. Dumot made it to Colorado and found his forever family in the Stapleton, CO community and they are in LOVE and so is he!