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To sponsor a dog, select a level of sponsorship. When checking out, in the comments field please specify the dog you wish to sponsor. 

$50 Bronze Leash Supporter

Will pay for a week of boarding or one round of puppy shots. 

$100 Silver Leash Supporter

Will pay for exam & shots for adult dog or one Neuter (male).

$200 Gold Leash Supporter

Will pay for one Spay (female).

$300 Platinum Leash Supporter

Will pay for full heart-worm infection treatment.

Once again, thank you for your kindness and remember we are a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible!

Private Sponsors

3/29/2010 - *Elaine De Lucia, 
*Kim Sellers, 
*Mike Machin, 
*Edith Castor, 
*Melissa Battlestone, 
*Nancy Oliver, 
and *Doreen Davis 
all made donations to the cost of Elroy's parvo care. 

He was diagnosed on 3/29 and will missed his transport to Colorado. Without donations like these, Elroy had no hope as the "shelter" there has no funding and was ready to let him lay on the floor an die. :(

1/26/2010 - Christy Williard of Greensboro, NC made a generous donation to help with the costs of bringing a small North Carolina family of 11 to Colorado! We are so happy you could help to get them safe. THANK YOU!
Corporate Sponsors

1369 Forest Park Circle, Lafayette, CO 80026