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Rescue Journeys

The following are photo diaries of rescues that have happened with dogs in our rescue.  They all came from out of state and have been transported via Pilots N' Paws.  This amazing network of volunteers both on the ground and in the sky have provided new lives for the dogs of the Mile High Labrador Retriever Mission.
Wills Point, TX to Elk City, OK to Colorado - a journey for Ridgeway, Bebe, Belaire, Bowie, and Blossom 5/09/2012

2012.05.09 - Wills Point, TX to Colorado

Houston, TX to Elk City, OK - one leg of a journey for Dolores and Durango 5/13/2011

Louisville, KY to St. Louis, MO - one leg in a long journey for Flo and Emerald

Joplin, MO to Broomfield, Colorado.
8 Labbie Pups leave MO, stay in Lawrence, KS, fly to Wichita, KS and then on to Colorado.

The foster mom along the way in Lawrence, KS made this entirely WAY too cute book about them while she had them in foster care.  Click HERE to see that story.

Emporia, KS to Broomfield, Colorado.
Two Lab/Poodle crosses on this ground mission.

Dodge City, KS to Broomfield, Colorado.
One pregnant Labbie momma ready to give birth.

St. Pauls, North Carolina to Broomfield, Colorado.
ELEVEN labbies saved on this mission.
1/25/2010 - 2/16/2010

Carrolton County Dog Pound, Ohio to Broomfield, Colorado.  Eight labbies saved on this mission.

LaPlace Dog Pound, Louisiana to Broomfield, Colorado.  Four labbies saved on this mission.